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    Jaboom Bait Co.

    The Jaboom Baits vertical rib design gets the bait where you want it with less effort. Their Beaver Ballz and Boom Bug baits are scented to help entice bites, have unmatched action, and are available in the all of the hottest colors. These soft plastics Show more



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    Jaboom Bait Co.

    The bait industry is loaded with soft plastic baits that are made to catch fisherman and not the fish. Jaboom Baits were designed with one thing in mind, catching more fish. Truly different from any other creature, or crawfish style bait on the market, they're changing the game with more products on the way!

    Beaver Ballz

    This 4.5" creature, or beaver style bait, was made for punching heavy grass mats and cover with less weight. However, anglers are using them for much more than expected. The slim profile helps penetrate cover, while the vertical ribs allow the Jaboom Baits Beaver Ballz to slide through without hanging up. That means that you can get away with using a smaller weight, and less weight means more chances to catch that finicky bass. The combination of the design, and a lighter weight, gives the hiding fish a presentation that they've never seen. Use them flipping, punching, Texas rigged, or more. Either way, the fish won't know what hit them!